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Secaucus has two vibrant community gardens; both are free and open to all Secaucus residents. The Fountain Park community garden is located at the corner of Humboldt Street and Raydol Avenue. It has 14, 4’x8’ raised beds, five compost bins and two rain barrels. Our second community garden is located next to the Secaucus Xchange, in Lauren Hill County Park with 39, 4’x8’ raised beds and two compost bins.  Both community gardens are exclusively organic, using no pesticides or sprinkler systems. Residents plant vegetables, herbs and flowers in their gardens. To apply for a plot, reserve early, as they are first come - first served, and they go fast! Generally all plots are taken by early April.  Secaucus residents can apply for a plot by filling out an application, signing the guidelines and emailing both back to Lynn at .

Please note that due to limited plots and increased demand the Environmental Department has decided to put the following new rule into place. The Secaucus Community Gardening season officially starts on Mother’s Day. If any plot remains unattended for more than three weeks after that date, that plot is subject to reassignment. Please fill out the form and guidelines and send both back to Lynn.


Xchange Application

Fountain Park Application


Solar Pumps - One idea that the Environmental Department has been working on to make it easier for community gardeners is to collect water in a rain barrel and then use a solar pump to water the garden. Solar panels that collect energy from the sun can provide enough pressure to pump water through a garden hose to water an entire garden. We are investigating the use of solar pumps to help supplement watering our community gardens.


Show Us Your Garden - Every year, we encourage our residents to send us pictures of their flowers and gardens which we feature on the town website and the town TV Channel 36. Email your favorite pictures to Lynn at .


Show Us Your Garden Pictures