GAME ON is a program designed to provide regular physical fitness and activity opportunities to children of all ages. This program provides an opportunity for boys and girls of all skill levels to participate in a friendly,  fun and safe environment.



>-  To incorporate fun into every day through physical fitness actities.

>- To develop skills in the following Physical Education domain: cognitive, psychomotor,  and affect.

>- Long-term, we desire to guide children of all ages in the process of becoming physically active and developing a healthy lifestyle.

>- To be positive role models for each child by establishing a program designed to motivate children to be physically active.

>- Children must bring a drink and wear sneakers.

>- Coordinator- Toni Salvatore Physical Education and Health  Instructor

>- Supervisor- Lisa Clark Physical Education and Health Instructor


Who: Boys & Girls

Ages: (6-11)

Ages  divided up accordingly



Clarendon gymnasium


Mon-Fri 12:00prn-1:30prn

What: Various activities such as kickball, guard the cones, hockey, soccer, four corners, tag, capture the flag, scooters,  and many, many,  more.