The Secaucus Summer Camp Program is designed to provide each child with varied activities; we want the children to enjoy their camp experience. To ensure the well-being and safety of every child, the below guidelines are to be followed. Please review with your child.



Please do not drop children off before 8:00AM or pick-up after 6:00pm.


All Campers:

  1. Must obey and follow the directions of the camp counselors and supervisors.
  2. Are prohibited from bringing any dangerous objects to camp.
  3. Must bring at least 2 snacks, lunch and beverage each day.
  4. Must be able to independently dress them self (unless otherwise specified) and be responsible for their belongings.
  5. Campers will be removed from camp if they engage in any type of inappropriate behavior or use foul language. Any violation of these guidelines, verbal guidelines or counselor's direction may result in the child being permanently removed from summer camp. Monies will not be refunded if a child is removed from camp due to any violation.


All Parents:

  1. If your child is absent on any given day, no substitutions will be permitted.
  2. Please advise us if your child has any allergies or takes any type of medicine.
  3. Please apply sunscreen prior to camp.
  4. Camp begins 8:00 am at Clarendon School. Please do not drop off your child before 8:00 am. Please walk your child into the school and sign in.
  5. The camp reserves the right to suspend/expel any camper who displays inappropriate behavior or overt violent tendencies.
  6. Campers must wear their Secaucus Recreation Camp shirt on Field Trip Days.


General Information:

  1. Campers must bring lunch, 2 snacks and drinks every day.
  2. On Pool days, campers must come to camp with their bathing suit under their clothes and with sunscreen already applied. (No sunscreen will be applied at camp.)
  3. In a bag, Campers must bring a change of clothes (including underwear) and a towel. They must be able to dress themselves.
  4. If your Camper cannot swim, arm floats (blown up) or a life jacket with the Camper’s name on it should be brought daily.
  5. Camp Shirts are required to be worn on Field Trip Days.

Pool days are Monday through Friday on any day that there is not a field trip (not including movie trips). We look forward to having a fun, safe and active Secaucus Summer Camp experience for your children to enjoy!