1. Behavior Agreement:  My signature below indicates that I am ready and willing to support camp staff who may be working through behavioral, emotional or other challenges my child may experience while at camp.  I understand that the Director reserves the right to terminate my child’s participation in camp if his/her safety or the safety of other campers and staff cannot be ensured, or his/her behavior has become disruptive (i.e. biting, smacking, hitting, aggressions, self-injury, eloping, etc.) to the point of precluding other campers from enjoying a successful summer experience.  If my child’s termination is deemed necessary, I or my designee will pick up my child from camp within 1 hour of notification. I understand that dismissal from camp is nonnegotiable and I will honor the request of the Director to pick up my child.

  2. Contact Information:  I understand that I must notify the Camp of any changes in my contact information (address, home or work number, cell number) between the time of the application and the end of camper attendance, so that I can always be reached for information or in case of an emergency.    If for some reason I must be unavailable, I will contact the camp with contact information of a person who will be available and has permission to act in my place on behalf of my child. 

  3. I certify that my child is physically fit and able to participate in the Summer Camp Program, events and activities and that I or my child has not been advised otherwise by a medical professional.  

  4. Medical Emergencies:  In the event of a medical emergency, you will be notified immediately and/or if not available, the staff will make reasonable efforts to reach an emergency contact.   While all reasonable efforts will be used to reach an emergency contact, failure to reach such shall not prevent the rendering of emergency care in the best interest of the healthy, safety and welfare of the Camper.   I grant permission to the Program Representative or their designee to furnish and arrange any emergency hospital or medical care that might be required in the event of a sickness, injury or accident to the Camper.  

  5. I understand that the following injury/medical policies are also in place:

  6. In the event the camper sustains a minor injury (e.g. small scrape) you will be notified by camp staff when your child is picked up.   Camp staff will provide necessary first aid.  For more severe injuries, you will be notified immediately in accordance with #4 above. 

  7. In the event of a camper illness, you will be notified immediately and asked to come pick up your

  8. child. 

  9. Personal Property:  I understand the Secaucus Recreation Summer Camp, Staff, and Directors will not be liable for damage, theft, loss or other issues with personal belongings, valuables or electronic devices brought to camp. I understand that if my child attends camp with any electronic devices, money or other items of value, they do so at their own risk. 

  10. I consent to the transportation of my child to and from any activities off site.  

  11. I understand that I/my child may be photographed during participation in Summer Camp Program, and that the photos may be used for promotional purposes, newspaper releases or placed on the Town’s public website.