Welcome to our third session of the Beyond the Bell after school programs.  For our winter session we reached out to local teachers to encourage them to bring their passion and interests to the after school setting.  As a result we have many new and exciting programs on the schedule, including Zumba, Science and Acting – each class inspired and taught by Secaucus School District teachers.  Additionally we continue to collaborate with local enrichment organizations such as Accel Learning and Curiosity to Lab to bring their innovative and engaging programs to our after school setting.  Research indicates that there are many benefits to enrolling students in quality after-school programs. 

Students who participate in enrichment programs after school perform better academically, have less behavioral issues and attend school more regularly.  By bringing enrichment programs straight to the school your child attends, we make the process of participation easier on all parties involved.

Start Date:  January 23rd , 2017

Duration: 8 weeks 

Time: 3:00PM – 4:30PM 

Cost: Varies per program, see program descriptions for details

Registration:  Online at Recreation Program Registration beginning January 5th.  Last day to register January 14th