The following is a noticed from SUEZ Water: It is our intent at SUEZ to provide customers with knowledge and support that will help them make informed decisions about their drinking water. As lead in drinking water continues to be discussed widely, customers may have questions. We want to assure you that we are here to help.

Beginning December 5, customers in your town will receive the attached bill insert (in both English and Spanish) that provides information on the sources of lead in drinking water, testing for lead in drinking water and lead service lines.

Please note that lead in drinking water, if present, primarily comes from piping materials, fittings and fixtures associated with home plumbing and lead service lines. As you are likely aware, SUEZ owns the water mains and part of the service lines that extend from the mains to the curb stop (usually located at the customer property line- see attached diagram in the inserts). The customer owns and is responsible for the rest of the service line that extends to the home or business.

To help customers make informed decisions, SUEZ has created a “Lead in Drinking Water” webpage that can be readily accessed from our website at or directly at And for any residents who prefer to contact us by phone, SUEZ has established a Lead in Drinking Water phone line at 844-341-5323 (LEAD). Please feel free to share these links and phone numbers with your constituents.

As always, we remain fully committed to complying with all water quality rules and regulations established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of New Jersey and providing water to customers that meets or exceeds all safe drinking water standards.