Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli and the Town Council recently met with Paris Keswani, who was crowned Mrs India Earth International on Sept 30, 2016. In addition to preparing for the pageant, Keswani has been working on a new 100% recyclable jewelry line. Profits from the line will benefit environmental programs and will be used to kick start new programs in Secaucus for children with special needs. 

Upon her arrival back to the United States from New Dehli, India where the pageant was held, Keswani will be working closely with Mayor Gonnelli to design these new programs and fundraising will begin early in the new year.

Check out a recent interview with Keswani below: 

How did the Mrs. India contest happen?

Since 2004, I have been volunteering in different non-profit organizations. I am a member at UNICEF, United Nations Environmental Program, New York Cares and have also opened a volunteer foundation called Prince Foundation, after my son Prince. When I came across this contest, I applied for it without even thinking for a second for the simple reason that it is not just a beauty pageant, it is beauty with a cause. I would love to thank our national directors, Mrs Ritika Vinay Asia Pacific & Mr. Vinay Yadawa for creating such a beautiful platform for all the married women & giving them the opportunity to come forward and make their dreams come true.

Was it difficult to break the stereotype that women should only look after their home and children? 

I have a very supportive and understanding family. When I first applied for this contest I didn’t tell anyone that there were 2000 plus people who also applied for this pageant. After I became a finalist, I told my whole family about the pageant. They were really proud of me. My family went out of the way to help me win this pageant. So I would say, if you have a strong backbone (in my case my family), nothing in the world is impossible.

Who is your inspiration?

My mother is my inspiration. She is strong, loving, kind, caring and very generous and have always given me unconditional love and always encouraged me to do better. She is an inspiration and a blessing for me. The lady standing in front of you today, is only because of her.

What do you think were your prime qualities that helped you win the contest?

Being myself, my confidence, determination and focus helped me to be who I am today. I don’t compare myself with anyone. There was so much talent everywhere that if you start comparing yourself with others, you lose your focus and get distracted. So, the key was to be myself and do my best.

What are your future plans as Mrs. India? Do you want to try in Bollywood or TV industry?

As you know I am a jewelry designer, I am designing a line, which is made out of 100% recycled materials. I am planning on launching the new jewelry line by Treasures of Prince before Christmas. All the proceeds from this line will go to a project that aims at improving & protecting the environment. I want people to understand the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing. In addition to this, I also want to help children with special needs as well. There are plans with Mayor Michael Gonnelli to work with children with special needs to support the Environmental projects that help save our home, Earth. 

Do you think people’s perceptions about you have changed after winning?

Yes, definitely. My voice has more power and I feel like a celebrity. I have already got a lot of modeling projects, TV series and movie offers but right now I want to be careful in every project I pick. My focus is on helping children with special needs and I already have projects lined up to help and protect the environment.

 How has this competition helped you grow as a person?

Competition is always healthy, it makes you want to be better and do better. ‘Boosting others actually helps you’ is a simple thought, which made a big difference. I learned that by helping other succeed, you can also achieve success.