Updated 3/15  -  9:50am

Please continue to observe snow emergency routes and all temporary no parking restrictions. Municipal lots remain available for use until 3pm.

Previous information is below. Information that is no longer relevant has been struck out.

Older Information

Posted Monday 3/14  -  11:25am

Today’s blizzard warning has been canceled and snowfall totals are expected to be significantly less than originally anticipated. The snow will begin to taper off by 3 pm; however, rising temperatures have resulted in sleet and ice accumulation which will result in dangerous walking and driving conditions. The Mayor & Town Council remind residents to be extremely careful when exiting their homes to avoid slipping. We request that you continue to remain off the roadways so that the DPW can clear streets as easily as possible.

Parking Information

All temporary no parking and snow emergency routes remain in effect and free parking will continue in all municipal parking lots until 3 pm on Wednesday. For a full list of available parking lots and additional information, see "parking" below.

Snow Removal

Although snowfall totals did not reach the projections, Mayor Michael Gonnelli and The Town Council remind residents that it is important to ensure that fire hydrants remain clear of snow near your property and that it is both illegal and unsafe to throw snow into the street when shoveling.


The 4:30 pm Caucus meeting has been canceled. The 7 pm council meeting will continue as scheduled. As a reminder, the video from this meeting will be available online and on channel 36 on Wednesday afternoon so that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Older Information

Posted Monday 3/13  -   3:15am

Emergencies & Shelter

If you need assistance or have any medical needs that are non-life threating, you can utilize the Non-emergency Police phone number which is 201-867-8000, as always, Dial 911 for an emergency. The Secaucus Public Library will be open as a warming center on Tuesday. Huber Street School will be utilized for a medical shelter with EMS on hand throughout the storm.



Please observe all snow emergency routes and temporary no parking signs beginning at 8pm Monday 3/13. 

The Mayor and Town Council remind residents that all municipal lots at the following locations are available free of charge for the duration of the storm. All parking meters have been suspended for Tuesday 3/14 - Wednesday 3/15 (3pm). This allows easier access for emergency vehicles and also makes it easier to remove the snow from your neighborhood. 

  • Recreation Center
  • Ice Rink
  • Town Pool
  • Centre Ave
  • Plaza Center (NOT CVS)
  • Library
  • Paterson Plank RD at Huber Street

Events, Meetings, and Municipal Offices

There will be NO garbage or recycling pick-up on Tuesday. Secaucus Town Hall, the Municipal Court, the recreation center and other Town facilities will be closed on Tuesday March 14, 2017. Additionally, all recreation, senior events, after care programming and Town sponsored activities scheduled for Tuesday will be canceled.

The Mayor & Council Caucus meeting scheduled for 4:30 pm has been canceled; however, at this time, the Mayor & Council Meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm will continue as scheduled. 

Please tune to channel 36 or go to www.secaucusnj.gov for updates.


Posted Sunday 3/12  -   11:15am

The Town of Secaucus is making all necessary preparations ahead of the storm and The Mayor & Town Council urge resident to take the next 24 hours to ensure that you have the necessary supplies in your home, including food, medication, and water. A full list of recommended household items can be found at Ready.gov.

Additional information will be posted when available.