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  • Part-time Employment Opportunity - Animal Shelter

    The Town of Secaucus is hiring a part-time shelter worker. Must have experience working with animals. 

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  • 2017 / 2018 Property Tax Informational Letter

    Property tax bills for 2017/2018 were mailed on Wednesday 7/26. The following letter was included with the mailing. 

    Once again, the governing body has worked very hard on this year’s budget in an effort to keep the tax rate stable. Despite the economic climate and budgetary challenges, we have been able to accomplish this without any impact on services by careful management of the Town’s income and expenses. In preparing the budget, the Chief Financial Officer and Town Finance Committee conducted a line-by-line review to ensure that every revenue source pays its proper share and each municipal department allocates its resources wisely. Once again, there will be no increase in overall taxes. Although the school tax rate is increasing, the 2017 Municipal Budget will absorb this increase.

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  • Juveniles From France Commit A Dozen Vehicle Burglaries

    On Friday, July 21, 2017, numerous vehicle burglaries were reported to the Secaucus Police Department. In total, twelve (12) vehicles were reported to have been burglarized after 4:00 am in the area if Second Street. During the initial police response, patrol and detective division personnel worked collaboratively to process each vehicle for evidence and conduct a canvass of the area. As a result, surveillance footage was obtained from several locations that captured the group of, what appeared to be juveniles, committing the burglaries.

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  • Ameya Dabli - Heart 2 Heart - East Meets West Concert

    The Mayor & Town Council are excited to announce the addition of Ameya Dabli to the Summer Concert Series on Monday July 31st at the Meditation Garden (behind the Recreation Center). Enjoy top hits by the Beatles, Bryan Adams, Frank Sinatra and more...

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  • Part-Time Employment Opportunity - Bus Driver

    The Town of Secaucus is currently hiring part-time bus drivers. Applicant must be over 18 years old and possess a CDL with Passenger "P" Endorsement.  Hours are 6AM - 8AM & 2PM - 4PM with flexibility. 

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  • Job Opportunity: Part-Time Before & After Care Program

    Looking for Part-Time Employment? The Secaucus Before & After Care Program Is looking for applicants!  Please fill out an application at Secaucus Community Center 145 Front St 201-330-2078

  • Senior Social Dancing - Reserve Your Spot

     Reserve your spot for the Senior Social at Starlight Dance Studio in Nutley on Tuesday, August 15th from 9am-3pm. 

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Environmental Camp

This is the second year for our Environmental Camp which will be held the last week of August. The Camp consists of four environmentally themed day trips. 25 students will experience a tour at the Bayshore Recycling plant, learn about organic farming at School Lunch Farm in Hackettstown, visit the Teaneck Nature Center, and enjoy an eco-cruise along the Hackensack River with the Hackensack Riverkeeper. 

Sustainable Jersey Schools

The Secaucus Board of Education passed a resolution in June to participate in Sustainable Jersey for Schools. We have communicated with John Scheiner about the necessary actions to complete for certification in the fall.

Food Waste Program at the High School

We have purchased a rocket composter for the high school as part of our food waste recycling program using funds from the Bonus Recycling Grant of $24,750. We expect to start the food waste recycling program in the fall.  John Scheiner will be responsible for training the custodial staff at the high school.

Global Wellness Day

The Secaucus Environmental Department was present at the first annual Secaucus Global Wellness Day, held at Xchange Place. Our table contained Earth Day coloring books for children as well as brochures about the department and brochures about the negative impact of bottled water. The department also presented a proclamation declaring June 11 as official Global Wellness Day.

Community Garden

Two plots at the community garden are currently in use by the Environmental Department. Plants, including herbs, pumpkins, and various flowers, were raised organically from seed and watered with the help of rain barrels. We have also cleaned out the compost bins of brush and garbage accumulated over the winter and currently have three of the four compost bins up and running.

The Community Gardens at the Xchange are currently being built. They definitely will be ready to be planted for next Spring, and possibly sooner if any residents are interested in claiming a plot early.

Honey Bee Hives

Honey bees are crucial for our ecosystem. To help the declining number of bees, four honey bee hives were set up on the property behind the Secaucus Animal Shelter. No trespassing signs have been posted to warn residents of the bees. Three of the four hives are now fully functional and should have harvestable honey and wax by next spring. We hope to add more hives next year.

Habitat for Humanity

Dave, Keri and Amanda met with David Banks – the executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Hudson County, to discuss turning over their lot to the Town for use as a possible park. Keri and David are looking into the legalities of this transfer.

Cleanup Program

Our environmental corporate brochure has been updated. We have conducted 4 corporate cleanups with TD Bank, Integrity House, Schneider Electric and a first ever cleanup of Penhorn Avenue in which 14 businesses sent their employees to help in the effort. We are currently talking with Macy’s for a cleanup in the near future.

NEW! Additionally, we are having mini-cleanups with interns and volunteers every Wednesday morning from 8:30 – 11:00. Five mini grant applications have been sent to HCIA for the larger cleanups.

Sustainable Jersey

We are Silver Certified until November of 2017. We will start the recertification process in the fall of 2016.

Environmental Summer Speaker Series 

NEW! Throughout the month of July, the Environmental Summer Speaker Series was held every Wednesday night, from 7:00 – 8:00 at the Meditation Garden. Topics included Composting, the Meadowlands, Honey Bees, and Green Lawns. 

Green Cleaning Products for Town Hall

A list of alternative, ecofriendly cleaning products was compiled for use at Town Hall. All products introduced were comparable in both price and effectiveness to traditional cleaning products. Ecofriendly cleaning products are generally more environmentally sound and better for the health of those exposed to them.

Water Bottle Refill Stations For Town Hall

NEW! New water fountains with a water bottle refill station were proposed for Town Hall in order to promote the use of reusable water bottles. These fountains include a water filter that removes the “tap water” taste, impurities and can fill reusable bottles hands-free.

Green Restaurant Certification

NEW! A Green Restaurant Certification program is being rolled out across Secaucus to reward restaurants that exemplify environmental and social responsibility.  Restaurants are surveyed on different aspects of sustainability. When certified, restaurants receive a Green restaurant Certification sticker to display in their window.

Curbside Tree Inventory

The surveying of curbside trees has continued this summer, reaching over 600 trees in our total inventory with about 300 added this summer. The tree inventory allows us to check for tree health, as well at size and density. The tree inventory directly relates to the results we have received from the I-tree program.

I-Tree Report

Using our tree inventory data, we worked with a tree professional to turn our data into the right format for I-tree software. The results showed the economic value of our trees in terms of air quality, storm water management, age and species distribution and the percentage of tree canopy in Secaucus. We will put the results on our website shortly.

Bat Box Project

NEW! We are in the process of getting six bat house kits which we will have the boy scouts assemble and paint. We plan to call in Joe D’Angelie, a well-known bat expert in New Jersey, to help us to identify appropriate locations for these bat houses to assist the bats for habitat loss and for mosquito control. 

CSA  Organic Farm Share

NEW! Residents who signed up for our vegetable share receive a bag of organic, locally grown produce every Tuesday from School Lunch Farm, which they pick up at the Recreation Center between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. Options range from whole and half shares, along with raspberry and honey shares. The program has been well received for its seasonal variety and freshness. 

Environmental Page of Town Website

We did a huge overhaul of the environmental department’s page last summer. This summer we tweaked and made minor changes and we are in the process of including an addition of a “Useful Links” tab to direct residents to eco-friendly websites.


Our Summer newsletter has been posted on the website. We only print out about 100 actual newsletters and distribute them at the Library, Rec Center and Senior Center. Our newsletter informs Secaucus residents as to the latest news and initiatives from the Environmental Department.

Arbor Day Tree Appreciation Campaign

NEW! We raised approximately $9,000 from businesses and residents who responded with donations for our call to plant more trees in Secaucus. This enabled us to plant 45 new trees, all which have been planted. 

 CSIP Grant

Additionally we applied for and have recently been approved for a $30,000 Community Stewardship Incentive Program (CSIP) grant to plant 50 large caliber trees along the Secaucus Greenway Trail.

NJ Transportation Planning Authority – NJTPA

NEW! We have been chosen as one of three towns to participate in a pilot program on Alternative Fuel Readiness Plan with the NJTPA. This study will help determine the best location and practices for stations servicing Alternative Fuel Vehicles and will serve as support for NJ State Master Plan.

EV Charger Stations

We have been approved for a $20,000 grant “It Pays to Plug In” a New Jersey Electric Vehicle Workplace  Charging grant, from the DEP for our electric vehicle charging station initiative. We will receive funding for four chargers to be located at the Recreation Center; Library; Town Hall and the municipal lot on Center Avenue.

Recycling Bin inventory in all Secaucus Town parks

We checked all the parks in Secaucus to see which parks still needed recycling bins and have started working with the DPW to place recycling bins in the parks where needed.

Show Us Your Garden

Our ‘Show Us Your Garden’ summer pictures sent in by Secaucus residents of their gardens is in full swing. Continued from last year, we showcase garden photos on the Town website.

Storm Drain Medallions

An ongoing project, we continue to label all the storm drains that lead directly to our waterways with a storm drain medallion. These medallions will help remind and educate our residents about the importance of preventing pollution from entering our sensitive waterways, and above all, that storm drains are not to be used for dumping.