On September 25, 2018, our Town experienced an unprecedented amount of rain in a very short time. In total we received over 7 inches of rain. To make matters worse, the rain came at high tide, which resulted in the rainwater being unable to drain. This resulted in flooding throughout some sections of the Town.

 Our DPW and emergency personnel quickly mobilized and put all their efforts into dealing with the emergent needs of our residents and business community. I commend them on their efforts and could not ask for better and more dedicated men and women. 

Now that the waters have receded we understand many of you need to deal with cleaning up your homes and making much needed repairs. We have been visiting many residents and businesses affected by the flooding and we are committed to doing all we can to help with the clean-up efforts.

Please be advised of the following Town departments are here to assist with any needs you may have or to direct you to other resources:


For garbage/debris/household item pick-up




For Sewer/waste backup concerns

Secaucus Municipal Utilities Authority (SMUA)



For senior or social resources (necessities, food, clothing)

Department of Social Services



For general concerns or questions

Town Administrator



Thrift Store Department of Social Services 



Additionally, we have made contact with Team Rubicon, a nationally recognized volunteer group, who will help residents with the clean out of homes. If you would like to be placed on a list for help cleaning out your home, please call the Town Administrator number and we will relay the information for Team Rubicon for consideration. 


If you have not already done so, please be sure to notify your insurance company of your loss.

Very truly yours,

Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli


Robert Costantino, Councilman

John Gerbasio, Councilman

James Clancy, Councilman

Mark Dehnert, Councilman

William McKeever, Councilman

Orietta Tringali, Councilwoman