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1203 Paterson Plank Rd
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Public Works


Kevin O'Connor
Aymee Genatt
Jessica Sharp
Jill Jensen

370 Secaucus Road
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094-3287

(201) 330-2080


For urgent requests after hours:
Call the police non-emergency

Public Works Information

The Department of Public Works (DPW) garage and offices are located at 370 Secaucus Road, where most of its vehicles are housed. The DPW employees handle the recycling programs and maintain streets, parks, and all public buildings and properties. They are responsible for planting at all municipal sites, for holiday decorating, for snow removal during storms, and for a number of aesthetic projects authorized by town officials.

The DPW provides a pickup schedule for residents wishing to dispose of large items, including discarded furniture and appliances, debris from small home improvement projects, etc. The DPW also will pickup cut tree branches. To schedule a pickup of any of these items, residents must call (201) 330-2080 for an appointment. No contractor material accepted.

Recycling Program

There is a mandatory, town wide recycling program for mixed paper, glass, aluminum, tin, and plastic. Recycling buckets for glass, aluminum, tin, and plastic are available from the DPW garage, or any plastic container marked for recycling can be used for this purpose. Glass food and beverage container only (not light bulbs, etc.), aluminum beverage cans, household metal food and pet food cans and plastic containers carrying the symbol of "1" or "2" in the triangle on the bottom can be co-mingled in one container. Mixed paper, which includes newspapers, magazines, junk mail, food and cereal boxes, etc. should be place in a paper bag or cardboard box, or tied together with string or twine in bundles no higher than 12 inches. Plastic bags should not be used to hold recycled mixed paper, glass, aluminum, or tin items. Use of plastic bags can result in the items being left at the curb and a summons issued by the property maintenance officer.

Collection Schedule

View the entire recycling collection schedule here

If your regular garbage is collected on Monday and Thursday, your recycling collection day is Thursday. If your garbage is collected on Tuesday and Friday, your recycling collection day is Tuesday.

Leaves should not be placed in garbage cans for collection. Leaves are collected every Wednesday, from September 1st through December 31st. They should be bagged and placed curbside on Tuesday evenings. Tree parts are collected every Wednesday, but you need to call the DPW to schedule a pickup.

Containers are available for used motor oil, spent oil filters, and antifreeze at the DPW compound. Residents may recycle at this location 7 days a week, from 7am to 2:30pm.

Christmas Trees are collected from 1/2-1/31. There is no need to call to schedule a pickup. Be sure to remove all lights and decorations and place curbside after 5pm. 


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