Monday - Friday
9:00 - 4:00
1203 Paterson Plank Rd
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Track Santa

Santa's position will be available on the map above as he makes his way around Secaucus. Use the map and the route list below to know when he is almost to your house! Please give the map a moment to load. If you have any trouble loading, please click here to open in a new window.

Santa's Visit

Starts at 3:30pm

Tree Lighting

Starts at 8:00pm

Santa's Route

Santa's Route - Beginning at 3:30pm. 

  • South on John St. to Centre Ave.,
  • Left on Centre Ave.,
  • Right on County Ave.
  • Continue on County Ave to New County Rd.,
  • Right on Riverside Station Blvd.,
  • Around the second roundabout, and back out on Riverside Station Blvd.
  • Left on New County Rd.,
  • Left on Castle Rd., Castle Road becomes Meadowlands Parkway,
  • Left on Cove Ct.,
  • Left into the entrance of Harmon Cove,
  • Left after the guard shack onto Harmon Blvd., Harmon Blvd. becomes Sea Isle Key,
  • Left on Topsail Ln.,
  • Right on Mainsail Ln.,
  • Left onto Lower Roadway,
  • Lower Roadway under the parking deck and Meadowlands Parkway onto Secaucus Rd.,
  • Left at the Ramp to take Secaucus Rd. southbound onto Meadowlands Parkway,
  • Meadowlands Parkway straight onto Riverside Court,
  • Right on Blue Heron Dr., around the circle, back out Blue Heron Dr.,
  • Left on Riverside Court,
  • Straight onto Meadowlands Parkway,
  • Right on Harmon Plaza,
  • Right into the Osprey West turn around,
  • Left on Harmon Plaza,
  • Straight onto 10th St. West,
  • Left on 10th St.,
  • Right on Centre Ave.,
  • Right on 9th St., 9th St. becomes Mansfield Ave., 
  • Right on Walter Pl.,
  • Left on Mansfield Ave.,
  • Left on 5th St.,
  • Right on Pandolfi Ave.,
  • Right on Golden Ave.,
  • Left on Raydol Ave.,
  • Right on Chestnut St.,
  • Right on Chestnut Pl.,
  • Left on Chestnut Ct.,
  • Right on Chestnut St.,
  • Left on Centre Ave.,
  • Right on 10th St.,
  • Right on Front St.,
  • Left on 1st St.,
  • Left on Flanagan Way,
  • Left on Hudson Ave.,
  • Left on Centre Ave.,
  • Left on 5th St.,
  • Right on Flanagan,
  • Left on 1st St.,
  • Left on Paterson Plank Rd.,
  • Left on Maple St.,
  • Right on Schopmann Dr.,
  • Left on Paterson Plank Rd.,
  • Right on Farm Rd.,
  • Right on Meadow Ln.,
  • Meadow Ln. becomes Mill Ridge Rd.,
  • Right on Koelle Blvd.,
  • Right on Huber St.,
  • Left on Radio Ave.,
  • Right on Maple St. Ramp,
  • Right on Paterson Plank Rd.,
  • Plank Rd. to Trolley Park, Turn Around,
  • Paterson Plank Rd. to Plank/Humboldt,
  • Stop at the gazebo in the Plaza.