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Messages from Mayor Gonnelli

Mayor Gonnelli Message - 3-31-20

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the brave men and women who have been helping those with emergency and medical needs. In the past few days and weeks, I’ve seen firsthand the tireless work and total dedication of all our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police, fire and emergency personnel. During these extraordinary times, it is heartwarming to see such selflessness and sacrifice—members of our community who are going above and beyond what is already required of them. I would also like to thank their families, as I know a great deal of sacrifice is being asked of them. If you see a doctor, nurse, health professional, or someone from our police, fire and OEM, please be sure to thank them. They are heroes.  

In the coming days and weeks, testing will increase and be more efficient. As more people get tested, the number of positive COVID-19 cases will go up, before they eventually go down. Please do not be alarmed at the increase in positive cases. The more people that are tested and isolated, the better it is for the community at large.

No matter what the numbers say, I would like to remind all residents that they should continue to follow best practices recommended by the CDC. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of social distancing. Also continue to wash your hands often, avoid touching your face and please stay home if you are sick (except to get medical care). We can beat this pandemic, but only if we work together and do what is required from each of us.

Be vigilant and stay safe.

Michael Gonnelli, Mayor



Confirmed Secaucus Cases

Updated 03-30-2020 - 08:00pm

Confirmed cases: 60
Secaucus COVID-19 Disclaimer

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported is based on our Health Officer’s official record. The Health Officer has access to the reporting system, which reflects the number of confirmed cases as reported by the medical community and testing sites, and that is the number we reflected here. We update the website regularly as this information is received. Reporting any other number, for instance numbers based on anecdotes or hearsay, would be inappropriate and potentially inaccurate. We understand that the number from our Health Officer may not completely reflect all the cases at any given time, as residents or their family members may be self-isolating if they have symptoms but may not necessarily be tested. There may also be cases where an individual is tested positive and the family members immediately self-quarantine as recommended by the CDC, and hence are not counted as confirmed cases.  

Regardless of the number of confirmed cases, the recommended protocols do not change. Our residents and business community should continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing (stay at least 6 feet away from each other), wash hands regularly, avoid touching your face and stay indoors except for essential trips and to get medical care. If we all implement these practices into our daily routine it will go a long way towards slowing the spread.

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